Monday, November 14, 2005

This is the Place! Donuts

The other day in advertising class with Kevin Kelly we decided to make a donut shop chain for LDS church history sites. Here are some of the donut names we came up with.

Nutty Nauvoo
Kirtland Krispy
Susquehanna Sprinkler
Palmyra Powdered
Winter Quarters (for donut holes)
Far West Fritter
Liberty Long John
Lost Maple Bar
Cumorah Cream
Sumorah Cumorah Custard Filled
Liahona Lemon Bar
Iced Independence
Chimney Rock Chocolate
Devils Gate Plate

The church history trip will never be the same again.


Bradley L. Hill said...

Mountain Meadow Muffins, Council Bluff Cream guys are on a roll!

Where can I see New York Doll?

Seth said...

Unfortunately I don't think New York Doll is showing in San Diego just yet. I could be wrong though. I would look in the papers. It's worth the effort to go see it. I thought of you several times during the film, Dad. You are just like Arthur's hometeacher.

Emilie said...

My mouth is watering as I read off the names. Very clever.. :) You're great!

The Ramblin Irishman said...

You guys are great. I love the names and wished we had them when I was young.

Unki said...

To be perfectly honest, I was just a little disappointed in the limited assortment of baked goods you're offering. Just donuts?? I mean, really!! I had rather hoped to purchase some Brother Brigham Bagels with a Celestial schmear, or perhaps some Parley P. Pancakes served with J. Golden Syrup. But alas, I realize that things take time in Provo.... please advise, however, when your menu improves!