Saturday, November 12, 2005

New York Doll

Finally there is a movie dealing with the Mormon church that I can be proud to show to my friends of other faiths. It's called New York Doll, and it is a documentary about legendary glam-punk bassist Arthur "Killer" Kane.

The movie deals with Arthur's troubled life after his pioneering band, the New York Dolls, called it quits in the 70s. Through a series of miraculous events, Arthur finds the LDS church and gains a testimony of it's truthfulness. (He compares his experience with the Holy Ghost to an LSD trip.)

As a member of the church Arthur finds more purpose and direction in his life, yet he is still haunted by the grim reality of his life's failures and jealousies. (While the remaining New York Dolls went on to more fortune and fame, he was left virtually penniless.)

Then last year rock superstar Morrissey decided to reunite the Dolls for a benefit concert. (They were his favorite boyhood band.) The film documents this historic performance and Arthur's influence for good in the lives church members, bandmates, and fans.

The story is very tastefully portrayed and full of ironic tear-inducing moments. I think my favorite part was when Arthur's coworkers at the LA Family History Center contemplate being the New York Doll's first granny groupies. What's more touching than that?

Go see it if you love music, the Mormon church, or both!

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