Tuesday, November 22, 2005

An idea by Hunter

So, what if we gave the porn industry its very own internet suffix?


or my favorite


This is not intended to be crude. Rather, with this new suffix everyone who wishes to be free of porn's influence could be. No more filters. No more blockers. The porn world could exist in its own corner and left to itself. Besides, pornography is generally not accepted in the workplace, so why should it get a .com?


barrymoses said...

Hunter's idea was already proposed some time ago under the domain ".xxx," but met opposition from both the porn industry and conservative groups. The porn industry objected on the grounds that repressive governments might use an .xxx domain to curtail access to sites otherwise protected as free speech in the U.S. Of course, conservatives objected because they don't want yet another avenue for porn to infiltrate American culture, though I agree with your notion of protecting free speech while keeping porn completely separate from the business milieu. I also like your ".sin" idea, though I'm sure a sizable majority of porn users would object. Alas, the wicked take the truth to be hard;) Anyway, you can check out the debate at the following web site:


barrymoses said...

Hmmm...the link got cut off. It's apparently too long to include in the message. I'll paste the other half here: