Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Day 2: Monday October 24

Monday was spent entirely at sea. We traveled from San Pedro, CA all the way down the Baja Californian coast. I got to use the gym on the ship and steam rooms. That was cool. Other than that, it was swimming, sun-bathing, relaxing, and eating. Buffet all day. Plus, every night we were treated to some fancy dining. Imagine going to a five-star restaurant and being able to order everything on the menu for free. They had everything from escargo to shrimp to prime rib. (Yeah, I've put on a few pounds.) At night everyone dressed up Monday night. I sat at the table with all my favorite guys from the summer. We became quite the posse. Here we have Brandon, Carlin, Joe Sco, me, Nathaniel, and Jon.

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