Thursday, January 22, 2009

Changefest '09

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Extemporaneous Eve

Last night I decided to conduct an experiment. How close could I get to seeing the ball drop in Times Square if I left home at 11pm. The answer: not very close.

Here is a map of my three-mile investigation. I popped out from underground at 40th St. I could actually see the ball from behind at this spot, but not the celebration. So, I headed uptown. Block after block was already barricaded by police. It wasn't until 58th St. that they actually let us in. From there getting back down was next to impossible. By the time the ball dropped I was still stuck at 53rd. Fortunately, they had nice big screens to show us the action from afar. Once 2009 began, I continued heading downtown wherever the police and barricades would let me.

It wasn't until 12:30 that I actually got to Times Square proper. Though most of the people had gone, I did get to witness the gorgeous confetti twisters blow about. It was good enough for me.

For some great photos of what I saw, click here.