Sunday, November 27, 2005

New Sony Ad

If you thought the first Sony Bravia ad was cool, wait till you see the sequel. Set right here in beautiful Utah, this new spot brings the bouncy balls to a whole new level!

World's Cutest Nephew Winners

The "What in Seth Hill?" staff would like to thank all of the many thousands of applicants in this year's World's Cutest Nephew Contest. As always the selection process was difficult, but we think you will all agree with the winners. NOTE TO THE MOMMY OR DADDY: Please reply to this post. Cash prize is waiting.


Caleb is anxious to prove that he can do things on his own. It was my job to watch him swim in the pool, but every time I'd get close he'd yell, "Don't follow me!" It would have gotten on my nerves if he wasn't so darn cute.


Brandon is a riot. Playful. Moody. Spastic. He likes to tell stories with his hands. He also is extremely competitive and gets frustrated easily. His speech has improved 100% from the last time I saw him.


Sam is the most mature of the Johnson bunch. He is very smart and observant. What a great example for his younger brothers!


I got to take the UTA system all the way back to Provo from Ogden. It was awesome. $2.75 got me two bus rides and a TRAX ride. Plus, the SLC transfer had a sweet view. (See below.)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving Day 2005

This Thanksgiving was full of great company, great turkey, and green jello--as every Utah Thanksgiving should be. Danny invited me to his family's house in South Ogden for the festivities. He's got a great family that pays a lot of attention to detail. Just look at that turkey nametag. I was impressed.


Thanksgiving began with a visit to Master Fob and FoxyJ's house. Danny and I were invited over for dinner, so I took the opportunity to give little daughter S-Boogs a photo shoot in her new winter jacket. She wasn't much into it until I flipped the viewfinder around and let her see herself as her photo was being taken. You can see the difference in her expressions.

Return of the Nephews

Coming soon to a computer near you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

An idea by Hunter

So, what if we gave the porn industry its very own internet suffix?


or my favorite


This is not intended to be crude. Rather, with this new suffix everyone who wishes to be free of porn's influence could be. No more filters. No more blockers. The porn world could exist in its own corner and left to itself. Besides, pornography is generally not accepted in the workplace, so why should it get a .com?

Sethilloso the hibernating bear says goodbye.

As Utah begins to flirt with winter, I've decided to protest by vegetating in my room. No more leaving the house for me. You all can say goodbye to outside Seth. My new best friend is Mr. Heater Vent.

For my final outdoor appearance before hibernation I went to see Kristen perform Saturday night with the BYU Harp Ensemble.

Once Kristen kidnapped me in San Francisco for my birthday.

Jamen pretending to be important in his usher costume

Utah Valley Hospital Cafe: Provo's finest late night hangout (The Naim, Hano, and Jada Pinkett)

Chris Martin's future wife, also a SF kidnapper


After grilled cheese and fries we watched Spike Jonez videos and drove up to the canyon. As my friends played in the snow, I jumped up and down and chattered my teeth to keep warm. No more outside for me. I'm through.

Wake me when Spring comes.