Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sethilloso the hibernating bear says goodbye.

As Utah begins to flirt with winter, I've decided to protest by vegetating in my room. No more leaving the house for me. You all can say goodbye to outside Seth. My new best friend is Mr. Heater Vent.

For my final outdoor appearance before hibernation I went to see Kristen perform Saturday night with the BYU Harp Ensemble.

Once Kristen kidnapped me in San Francisco for my birthday.

Jamen pretending to be important in his usher costume

Utah Valley Hospital Cafe: Provo's finest late night hangout (The Naim, Hano, and Jada Pinkett)

Chris Martin's future wife, also a SF kidnapper


After grilled cheese and fries we watched Spike Jonez videos and drove up to the canyon. As my friends played in the snow, I jumped up and down and chattered my teeth to keep warm. No more outside for me. I'm through.

Wake me when Spring comes.


Seth said...

Hey bud you know you've always got a place here in sunny California.


I hope that link works.


Chateau said...

You mispelled jonze.