Saturday, November 19, 2005

A new LDS church ad campaign. Isn't it about time?

Today I was invited back to Bonneville Communications to present this ad campaign. Alison and I worked hard to revise the layout and copy and are proud of the result. It's really been an honor to participate in the development of what will soon be the church's new campaign. The group putting the project together consists of some true advertising geniuses, and they've put together some incredible work. While our campaign will not be presented to the brethren, one of the two campaigns that will be shown is very similar in concept. It'll be exciting to find out what these inspired men decide on.

(Note: The first ad is complete, and the other two are just templates. Good stock photography is so hard to come by. Ideally these would be real people with real stories.)


Derek said...

You've sold me. I think I want to be a mormon.

A cool picture for the third one would be a small-town street corner with two competing churches getting out at once. Palmyra has 4 churches on 4 corners

FoxyJ said...

My sister was just commenting about these on her blog, and now that I've seen them I really am impressed.

Alison said...

yeah, there is a copyright on these, EVERYONE hear that. haha looks super hot.

Seth said...

Thanks Foxyj! If you like these, then you'll definitely like the ads the church will eventually produce. Expect less fluffiness and more doctrine and/or simple, beautiful testimonies.