Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Provo Museum of Modern Art

Today the bishop had our apartment over for a Hawaiian haystack dinner. Mmmmmm. My bishop is one of the coolest men alive. Jewish. Mormon. New Yorker. Business owner. Art collector. This here is an original Andy Warhol print called "Cowboys and Indians; Mother and Child." It's his.

Saturday Set Search

In my commercials class my group is making a commercial. Go figure.

Our idea was conceived by Brazilian creative and group member Chateau Brian. We pitched the idea to the film students and got a couple of really talented guys to make it. Since I wasn't the brainchild of the TV spot, it's been a challenge for me to find a role in the production of the thing. Still, it's a lot of fun being a part of the team. After a concept is born there is a lot that goes into the spot as it develops into a 30-second movie. Quite a learning experience.

So the idea is a kid in a third-world country kicking a soccer ball purposefully against a wall. There will be a lot of fancy footwork and sweaty close-ups. The whole time he is kicking the audience will be wondering why he is so focused on the wall. At the very end the camera finally allows us to see he's painted the Adidas logo with mud. It's simple and low on concept but high on style and effectiveness.

So where does one find third worldness in Utah? Saturday Hunter, Spencer, Chateau, Cole, Tim, and I checked out the near-abandoned Geneva Steel plant in Orem. Hunter's step-dad is the fire marshal of the place and drove us around in a beat up truck. This was definitely one of the coolest things I've seen in Happy Valley thusfar. Imagine being on the set of a 1950's sci-fi fwar film left untouched for decades. Giant turbines sleep in the desert sand alongside other-worldly trash and a dismal landscape. It's great. The wall we chose to use for our set is in this giant warehouse where they filmed part of "Footloose" (the movie). I guess that whole six degrees thing about Kevin Bacon is true.

After the scouting session creative Alison came over and we came up with a pretty sweet print campaign for the Mormon church.

Then Danny and I went to the Christensens's for dinner and Simpsons.

That night I threw a "T-Party." A T-party is when you get a whole bunch of friends together and watch Mr. T's "Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool." Naturally, it was a hit. It was the first off-campus creative track social gathering. We also watched the new LDS documentary "American Mormon" hosted by former creative tracker Daryn Tufts. I'm glad they let me into the advertising creative track--cause if they hadn't it sure seems like I wouldn't have much else to talk about these days.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Thank-you Dr. Pearson, Alison, and FIRSTLINE

I've talked about it for years, and I've finally come to a decision: I am going to buy a car.

Yesterday I had an 8:00am appointment with my psychiatrist, Dr. Pearson. I don't know why I always think I can walk great distances in only a few minutes, but for some strange reason I do.

What time did I show up?


How much money did it cost me for a "missed appointment?"


(Don't laugh; it's really quite sad.)

Then the other day I was talking on the phone to the lady at FIRSTLINE about how I don't have a car and would need to get a ride from a friend to have my reconciliation appointment. After I got off the phone creative Alison had the tact to ask how I ever expected to get a girl to go out with me if I didn't have a car. She later took the question back, but the message continues to resonate in my brain.

*I'm 24 and have never had a car.
*I have collectively less than a year of driving experience. (My roommates always joke about how I need training wheels.)
*I've been mooching off my friends with cars for a decade now.
*My lack of knowledge about cars is downright embarrassing.

The other catalyst for me deciding to get a car is the fact that at my reconciliation I learned that I can expect a couple of hefty checks coming in the mail over the next few months.

So, for anyone reading this who has either given me rides or has been anxiously awaiting for me to get a car so I can take them out--get excited.

Let the car shopping begin.

Friday, September 16, 2005



Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Guardian Angel

I know it sounds hokey, but I think I have an invisible friend who watches out for me.

The past few nights I've fallen asleep listening to my new iPod. Now I'm a shifty sleeper and what goes to bed with me usually ends up on the ground. Sometimes it's my sheets; sometimes my clothes. Whatever. (Why I go to sleep with a $300 piece of metal I don't know.)

So recently something strange has been happening. I'll fall asleep listening to my tunes, and next thing I know I wake up in the morning and my iPod is sitting neatly on my desk with the cord wrapped around it. I have no idea how this happens. I've asked my roommates about it, and they don't know either.

There's more too. Today invisible friend scored me two free meals. I got to go to the Utah Advertising Federation monthly luncheon in Salt Lake, and then for the Ad Club Opening Social we got pizza.

I have no choice but to accept the help of my new special friend. If he has any friends I'll let you know.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Cranium is a cool game. I mean, what other game lets you sculpt with clay as your FHE sisters play charades and practice their spelling?


Number of years invested in my music collection: 10
Number of good, clean songs that ended up on my iPod: 1,127
Number of days of music on my iPod: 3
Amount of space used up on my iPod: 4.17GB
Time spent locked in my room preparing my iPod: all weekend

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I did it.

I really did it.

I got a Mac.

The good life

This long weekend was gloriously lazy. I lounged around the pool. I ate out at the Bombay House and Burger Supreme with friends. I watched "Fantastic Four" at the dollar theater. I made a collage of book covers for my wall. I spent some much needed alone time in my room to ponder. I think I even did some homework. Crazy. I know that in a month I'll be drowning in school work, but for now I'm gonna enjoy this.

Today fellow creative Alison convinced me to eat at Cafe Rio for the first time. (I really need to stop eating out.) For those that don't know, Cafe Rio is basically the premiere college food-joint off of campus. Better late than never I say.

P.S. This post is just to make my friend Seth jealous. Mmmmmmm. Shreded pork barbacoa salad with creamy tomatillo. MMMmmmmmmm. Just look at those tucans with those big grins. Bet you wish you had 'em in Cali. MMmmmmmmmm.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Please forgive my obsession.

A couple of days ago Danny introduced me to "Google Earth," and I haven't stopped playing with it since. (I already know I'm a nerd. Don't worry.) So I've taken it upon myself to locate the 16 places where I've lived in my 24 years of life.

The following two posts probably aren't nearly as exciting to see as they were to make, but for my own geography/nostalgia-loving brain it was a real treat.

So, um, welcome to my homes.

1981-the mission

Lemon Grove, California August 1981-July 1993

La Mesa, California August 1993-August 1999

May Hall, Provo, Utah September 1999-April 2000

La Mesa, California May 2000-September 2000

Missionary Training Center, Provo, Utah October 2000-December 2000

Tecomitl, Mexico DF January 2001-May 2001

Pachuca, Hidalgo June 2001-February 2002

Tulancingo, Hidalgo March 2002-April 2002

Tlanchinol, Hidalgo May 2002

Fuentes de Aragon, Ecatepec, Mexico June 2002-October 2002

Post-mission 2002-2005

La Mesa, California October 2002-December 2002

Centennial, Provo, Utah January 2003-April 2003

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York May 2003-August 2003

The Colony, Provo, Utah September 2003-April 2004

Pleasanton, California May 2004-August 2004

Stadium Terrace Provo, Utah September 2004-April 2005

West New York, New Jersey May 2005-August 2005

The Colony, Provo, Utah September 2005-

Thursday, September 01, 2005

My last few minutes at Port Imperial

This is my beautiful mother. My friend just sent this picture to me. Click on it to make it bigger.