Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Guardian Angel

I know it sounds hokey, but I think I have an invisible friend who watches out for me.

The past few nights I've fallen asleep listening to my new iPod. Now I'm a shifty sleeper and what goes to bed with me usually ends up on the ground. Sometimes it's my sheets; sometimes my clothes. Whatever. (Why I go to sleep with a $300 piece of metal I don't know.)

So recently something strange has been happening. I'll fall asleep listening to my tunes, and next thing I know I wake up in the morning and my iPod is sitting neatly on my desk with the cord wrapped around it. I have no idea how this happens. I've asked my roommates about it, and they don't know either.

There's more too. Today invisible friend scored me two free meals. I got to go to the Utah Advertising Federation monthly luncheon in Salt Lake, and then for the Ad Club Opening Social we got pizza.

I have no choice but to accept the help of my new special friend. If he has any friends I'll let you know.


Derek said...

Must be one of those BYU miracles. You should write in to the Ensign. It's been happening to me too. I just went to Macey's tonight for the first time in like three weeks and realized I haven't prepared a meal at home in about that long. Between two jobs and ward parties and stuff I've managed to have at least one free meal a day since school started. Hallelujah!

Trev said...

Seth, it is I. I have been driving from California to Utah every night - so worried have I been for your iPod. I'm sure you have a gardian angel, but hopefully they're too busy with more important stuff to worry about your iPod. BTW, the Britney Spears Christmas album, dude? You need to see a shrink if you're falling asleep to that stuff.

barrymoses said...

You know Seth, I'm so glad you sent me your I can muse over the psychological oddities of someone other than myself:) You know, I have a similar thing, except I wake up with strange scratches and markings on my body. If you have a secret guardian angel, I must have a secret tormenter. Hmmm...what's that about, I wonder.

Tolkien Boy said...

Well, it wasn't ME. I would have stolen your I-pod and listened to it myself.