Sunday, September 25, 2005

Saturday Set Search

In my commercials class my group is making a commercial. Go figure.

Our idea was conceived by Brazilian creative and group member Chateau Brian. We pitched the idea to the film students and got a couple of really talented guys to make it. Since I wasn't the brainchild of the TV spot, it's been a challenge for me to find a role in the production of the thing. Still, it's a lot of fun being a part of the team. After a concept is born there is a lot that goes into the spot as it develops into a 30-second movie. Quite a learning experience.

So the idea is a kid in a third-world country kicking a soccer ball purposefully against a wall. There will be a lot of fancy footwork and sweaty close-ups. The whole time he is kicking the audience will be wondering why he is so focused on the wall. At the very end the camera finally allows us to see he's painted the Adidas logo with mud. It's simple and low on concept but high on style and effectiveness.

So where does one find third worldness in Utah? Saturday Hunter, Spencer, Chateau, Cole, Tim, and I checked out the near-abandoned Geneva Steel plant in Orem. Hunter's step-dad is the fire marshal of the place and drove us around in a beat up truck. This was definitely one of the coolest things I've seen in Happy Valley thusfar. Imagine being on the set of a 1950's sci-fi fwar film left untouched for decades. Giant turbines sleep in the desert sand alongside other-worldly trash and a dismal landscape. It's great. The wall we chose to use for our set is in this giant warehouse where they filmed part of "Footloose" (the movie). I guess that whole six degrees thing about Kevin Bacon is true.

After the scouting session creative Alison came over and we came up with a pretty sweet print campaign for the Mormon church.

Then Danny and I went to the Christensens's for dinner and Simpsons.

That night I threw a "T-Party." A T-party is when you get a whole bunch of friends together and watch Mr. T's "Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool." Naturally, it was a hit. It was the first off-campus creative track social gathering. We also watched the new LDS documentary "American Mormon" hosted by former creative tracker Daryn Tufts. I'm glad they let me into the advertising creative track--cause if they hadn't it sure seems like I wouldn't have much else to talk about these days.


barrymoses said...

Forgive my ignorance...what is the "whole six degrees thing about Kevin Bacon?"

Seth said...

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon was a spin-off of the movie "Six Degrees of Seperation." The idea behind it is that you can link any two people in six steps. For example, I know you, you know somebody else, that person worked with this other person who's uncle's cousin is Napoleon Dynamite...or, in this case....Kevin Bacon. Some kids came up with the Kevin Bacon idea just because he's in a ton of movies but still not a huge star. After the idea was born it spread to the web and became a cult sorta thing. Then a game came out I think, and its popularity spread. Capish?

barrymoses said...

Very interesting theory...I've heard it before, but I wonder who came up with it. I also wonder if it has ever been tested, or if it CAN be tested. Anyone up for a little scientific invesitgation? Let's see how many famous people we can come up with just between us...

Tolkien Boy said...

Who, it does look like a third-world country.

Tolkien Boy said...

I mean, of course, whoa.