Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The good life

This long weekend was gloriously lazy. I lounged around the pool. I ate out at the Bombay House and Burger Supreme with friends. I watched "Fantastic Four" at the dollar theater. I made a collage of book covers for my wall. I spent some much needed alone time in my room to ponder. I think I even did some homework. Crazy. I know that in a month I'll be drowning in school work, but for now I'm gonna enjoy this.

Today fellow creative Alison convinced me to eat at Cafe Rio for the first time. (I really need to stop eating out.) For those that don't know, Cafe Rio is basically the premiere college food-joint off of campus. Better late than never I say.

P.S. This post is just to make my friend Seth jealous. Mmmmmmm. Shreded pork barbacoa salad with creamy tomatillo. MMMmmmmmmm. Just look at those tucans with those big grins. Bet you wish you had 'em in Cali. MMmmmmmmmm.

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stud-seth said...


How dare you wave Cafe Rio in the faces of us that cant get any regularly...get any Cafe Rio not...u know...chupando la pina get some....I'm going to slink off now that I've made a fool of myself.