Monday, September 12, 2005


Number of years invested in my music collection: 10
Number of good, clean songs that ended up on my iPod: 1,127
Number of days of music on my iPod: 3
Amount of space used up on my iPod: 4.17GB
Time spent locked in my room preparing my iPod: all weekend

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stud-seth said...

hey man i just thought i'd post this cause i just had a major ipod tragedy. I had about 4 days worth of songs on my ipod and now they are no more. It was all my music plus all my college roomates' music. All whipped out...I'm seriously at a complete loss. I dont even have half of my CDs anymore. So learn from my mistake, backitup and keep your cd's some place warm and safe. I totally meant to call you this weekend, sorry I got sidetracked. ttyl.