Friday, September 23, 2005

Thank-you Dr. Pearson, Alison, and FIRSTLINE

I've talked about it for years, and I've finally come to a decision: I am going to buy a car.

Yesterday I had an 8:00am appointment with my psychiatrist, Dr. Pearson. I don't know why I always think I can walk great distances in only a few minutes, but for some strange reason I do.

What time did I show up?


How much money did it cost me for a "missed appointment?"


(Don't laugh; it's really quite sad.)

Then the other day I was talking on the phone to the lady at FIRSTLINE about how I don't have a car and would need to get a ride from a friend to have my reconciliation appointment. After I got off the phone creative Alison had the tact to ask how I ever expected to get a girl to go out with me if I didn't have a car. She later took the question back, but the message continues to resonate in my brain.

*I'm 24 and have never had a car.
*I have collectively less than a year of driving experience. (My roommates always joke about how I need training wheels.)
*I've been mooching off my friends with cars for a decade now.
*My lack of knowledge about cars is downright embarrassing.

The other catalyst for me deciding to get a car is the fact that at my reconciliation I learned that I can expect a couple of hefty checks coming in the mail over the next few months.

So, for anyone reading this who has either given me rides or has been anxiously awaiting for me to get a car so I can take them out--get excited.

Let the car shopping begin.


Seth said...

Oh man I'm soo excited for you, car shopping can be fun. Just don't settle, get exactly what you want, especially since it's your first car. And find a suitable name for said car once its purchased. I look forward to getting rides in it.

FoxyJ said...

Don't feel too bad--I had very limited driving experience before I got married and didn't own a car before then either. I actually went on a few dates with guys without cars as well, we just walked places. But, I did end up marrying a guy with a car :)

Derek said...

Awesome news... I think I've told you several times how much I like car shopping so you better at least run your car-buying plans by me. If you need to mooch any rides in these final days of carlessness give me a call (I can offer that now that I know its only temporary)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck. Scott and I had a rough time used car shopping in Provo. We kept getting lemons. Better luck to you!

Do we still have a "Washburn" connection?

Tolkien Boy said...

If you need a ride to the dealership, you know who to ask...

...does this mean we won't be able to hang out as much? I'm not nearly as cool when my car isn't a factor...