Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Day 3: Tuesday October 25

I heart Cabo San Lucas.

Of all the beaches we saw, Cabo is definitely the finest. We docked at around 10am and had till 6 that evening to play around. I explored the town a little bit with some others and ended up meeting some cool people. There was this one travel guide I met at the market named Johanes who had lived in Provo for a few months and broke his leg by Burger Supreme on Freedom Blvd. How unlikely is that?

Then I searched for a store that carried my favorite Mexican clothing brand Naco. After finding the one and only place, trying on a few shirts, and asking a million questions, I eventually decided not to buy anything. The staff was very kind to me though and seemed amused that I would be so fascinated with a line of T-shirts. I'd never seen Naco in person, so for me it was truly a valuable experience. To me Naco is the ultimate sign of the times; Mexicans laughing about their own idiosyncrasies. Love it.

After that Jon and I broke off and got a boat ride to Lovers and Divorce Beach, home of some of the most beautiful rock formations and the world famous arch. Let's let the pictures do some talking now.

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Derek said...

NACO! Those shirts rule