Saturday, June 25, 2005

White boys in the hood

There will always be something intriguing about white people hanging out in predominantly African American neighborhoods. Here we have Dan and Jared taking a pizza dinner break in front of a festively painted wall.

After getting soaked in the storm the other day, Jared here walked into a laundry mat frequented by larger black women. Believe it or not, Jared actually asked one of the ladies there if he could borrow their towel. He then proceeded to strip down and wait for his clothes to dry in the dryer while wearing only the towel. All the ladies chuckled at Jared's lean white body, but he didn't mind. All he wanted was some nice warm clothes so he could continue knocking. If Norman Rockwell were still alive and painting, I'm sure he would have had a ball that day at the laundry mat in the hood.

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