Saturday, June 04, 2005

fun fun fun work fun fun

i find that i sell more security systems when i treat this job as a side thing. my philosophy is: the more crazy fun i have in the city, the more sales i'll get. that said, here's a run-down of some of the cool things i've gotten to do recently.

last week john bonner came to visit, and we ate breakfast in times square.

anela is here in town, and this morning we went to see shakira in bryant park.

last friday andrew, alex, phil, and i joined up with cousin kristina in rockafeller center to see def leppard and bryan adams on the today show. yes, katie couric is just as nice in person as she seems on tv.

last saturday i took gracie to brooklyn to see apollo sunshine at northsix in williamsburg. they were amazing. i love knowing about awesome bands that have small followings. i'm sure two years from now i'll have to fight with all the indie kids to get a good spot at their shows. let's just hope they don't get too big. as a side note, it was so great to hang out in my old stomping grounds. williamsburg is really growing.

on memorial day gracie and i went to see "fearless freaks," the new flaming lips documentary. it was showing at the two boots pioneer theater in the lower east side. interesting show.

oh, sales? i think i have like 18 or 19 or something.

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