Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Commision jobs are NOT for the weak-hearted.

This job is so up and down.

Monday I got to my area, found a good house, talked to the owner, sold her a system; found another house, sold them a system; and then called a call-back and then sold another system. Good day. I hadn't gotten a three-day since the summer of 2003 in East New York, Brooklyn.

So then Tuesday I worked and worked and worked and worked and worked and found no one. It's amazing how the exact same amount of effort can yield such different results. There is something truly depressing about working a grueling job talking to rude people all day and actually losing money while doing it. (Snacks cost money y'know.)

Today I was about to blank again, but toward the evening I stumbled across a family that was already about to buy a system from ADT. The ADT rep that came by on Monday quoted them $700+ for the system. Today I showed up and gave them a superior system for 99 bucks. I love my job.


Cosmo the Cougar said...

Oh, ouch, make it stop! Tracting flashbacks! NO!

Anonymous said...

Seth, cool blog. Check your dang gmail.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I took my sister in law and all 5 kids to "The muuffin Break" for lunch today. I'm afraid we left the cafe with more crumbs on the floor than the usual client, but the owner is very patient w/ small kids.

Silvia spent the weekend with us in Escondido. She has now seen us at our best and worst! Samuel burst into tears when she smashed the caterpillar he'd been playing with (She thought it was scary.)

Brandon and Samuel are finishing up 2 weeks of swimming lessons, we've been to the theatre 2X this summer (Free fam. festival), we've been to Coronado, Old Town, La Jolla beach, and Sat we're off to Sea World...Scott's working 60 hour weeks...It's time to slow down in my book.

My posting for next week should read "stayed home, relaxed, caught up on chores..." but I know it won't. It will one of these days!
love you!