Sunday, June 12, 2005


This a is a picture I took of the annual Puerto Rican pride parade that filled 5th Avenue on Sunday. I doubt there is a more exciting parade than this one anywhere in the world. Imagine 100, 000 crazy Latinos waving flags hysterically at beauty queens and wanna-be rappers as they drive by. I seriously was not prepared for that much energy. Just look at their outfits! Try to find one that is not sporting the Boriqua flag on their back. You won't find one.

Later that night I was joking with a girl I met on the subway about the event. Just how is it that Puerto Rico gets such a huge parade in New York and not other American states? Our answer comes straight from the Puerto Rican Constitution section A appendix 4:

The lack of Puerto Rican representation in U.S. legislature is to be compensated by the hosting of a festive annual parade in honor of the island.

Pretty interesting if you ask me.


Bradley L. Hill said...

For real?

Seth said...

Actually, Dad, I made it up. It would be funny though.