Tuesday, June 21, 2005

And then there was TV

Suddenly I've been watching more television. Part of the reason for this is that one of my managers purchased a big-screen and is letting me baby-sit his old set at my apartment. The other reason is that I keep having weird situations with customers that require me to sit and watch television.


My first bizarre experience was with Eddie last Saturday. He was rushing out the door and wanted his wife to fill out the paperwork so he gave me the remote and told me to wait for her to arrive from work. There are few things stranger than "holding down the fort" for someone you barely know.

My second funny experience came today. My customer Sharon was skeptical that the technician was really going to bring her a rebate check so she asked if I would wait with her until the tech came. After chatting for quite some time about the rental car industry and figuring out what was wrong with her crippled canary, we ended up with nothing better to do than watch TV. It was the second half of some entertainment news show and the 100th episode of "Fear Factor." If there's anything more strange than watching TV alone in some random person's house, it's actually watching TV with them for an hour and discussing what's being viewed.

I love my job.


Bethany said...

You are going to have stories to tell about these past few summers for the rest of your life!!

I swear, a movie about your life doing door to door sales would be great. A documentary might even be interesting, but I don't know how your company or your customers would feel about that. Anyway, I wish I had some movie writing skills....

Tolkien Boy said...

Dude...I second the motion. Write a script about your life. I'll produce it when I get rich and famous.