Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Goodbye BYU interns

This past weekend was a fun one.

Saturday night Phil, Jonathan, David and I drove into Manhattan and hung out with Comms interns Roxanne, Heather and Sara. After dining at the Times Square Chevy's we walked around Times Square. Highlights included going up the fancy Marriott hotel elevator, buying Shakira's new CD, "Fijacion Oral," and watching the Foo Fighters perform a set in the MTV building. Most of the Comms interns are taking off this week. It'll be sad to see them go.

Sunday was the big Puerto Rican parade thing. After walking around Central Park with Jonathan and the new tech Aaron, we made it to church all sweaty. Church was especially good this week. We got a good lesson on the apostasy by this girl from Eastern Europe. Our stake president spoke in sacrament meeting and explained to us how we all have an important purpose being in New York.

As luck would have it my old mission friend Daniel Parker moved to New York a few weeks ago and goes to my ward. I went with him and Anela's friend Brian Cicotelli to some girls' house in the ward. They made us a terrific dinner and were great company. After social hour, I cruised on over to Gracie and Amanda's new place on 106th. I must say it's a definite step up for Gracie. She showed me the soy milk commercial I was in last year on her computer, and I finally started working on the Writing Center logo with Illustrator.

Monday produced no sales even though I moved to a Spanish area. I think lots of people were still hung over from the Puerto Rican festival. Kinda sad. After work Wright and Taggart from Firstline corporate got us Pizza and took us to see "Cinderella Man." Awesome flick. I'm a sucker for any movie that can bring to life the cultural elements of an era in 20th century history.

Today was hot and humid. I got a sale (see below). Yeah. That's it.

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