Tuesday, May 23, 2006

With all your power, what would you do?

Today I accomplished one of my life-long goals. (OK maybe not life-long, but pretty long.)

I got a New York City library card! Last year I tried so hard to get one, but New Jersey residents have to pay a whopping $100 for it. So today with my new-found powers I checked out four NYC travel guides, one Delaware travel guide, and two CDs. Hurray for public libraries with ginormous collections!

After my library adventure, I met with my old friend John from Brooklyn to discuss religion, politics, and New York life. We ate at one of those generic Midtown diners. Except this one was in Murray Hill. Kinda the same thing--only a little more grit and a little less glam. More traditional New York in a way. I got some good old spaghetti with meat sauce. I really wish I were more daring at restaurants, but I'm just not. Maybe those city guides will help.

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