Sunday, May 07, 2006

Guess who's back.

OK, some of you are probably saying, "Where is the old OCD blogger Seth? We liked him better when he was camera happy."

Well he's back, and he's ready to remind you just why he loves NYC so much. Let's start from the beginning of the trip, shall we?

This is Hazel. Hazel is my friend Manny's dog. I stayed at Manny's house in New Jersey for the first few days until my apartement was available in Manhattan.

This one of Hazel's chew-toys. That dog is crazy. She comes to you with toy in mouth wanting you to throw it, but then once you reach for it she pulls away. Reminds me of those people who need help but won't let you help them.

These were taken at Marjorie Eliott's weekly jazz gathering last Sunday. She is the one with pen in hand. I love this woman. She invites the world into her living room to listen to some top notch live jazz and eat granola bars. Every time I visit her I have a unique experience. She always gets a diverse crowd. Marjorie is an inspiration to me.

After Marjorie's on Sunday I went wandering through Harlem. I saw these two guys sitting on this rock and just had to take their picture. They were really nice guys. One of them, named Daniel, is a painter. You can check out his stuff in my "Sethillites with websites" section.

Monday was the big immigrant strike. These photos were taken at the Union Square gathering. Dallas and Chateau joined in the fun.

After the rally we wandered over to Saint Marks Place. I love this pole.

This is magician David Blaine doing his underwater bubble thing. He is totally copying Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips.

Aside from the sight-seeing, Monday and Tuesday was all about shopping and moving in. I had to get my bags from Jersey to Manhattan by bus. That was fun. I made a Bolivian girlfriend along the way named Jovanka. That was pretty much the extent of my pre-internship experience. Now let's talk about Ogilvy...

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