Monday, May 29, 2006

My Summer Anthem

I went to a record store the other day in West Village. It was one of those beat-up, messy, how-does-the-owner-make-rent? sorta places. I really wanted to buy something there to show my support, but I couldn't find anything. Then it hit me.

There's this song I heard riding in a van in Mexico City five years ago on my mission. It gave me chills; one of those euphoric moments I can never forget. Sadly it's this seemingly trite little dance song, yet it impacted me so much that day. I can't explain what it does for me. After my mission I found out it was by the Pet Shop Boys. Not wanting to buy their whole album and not finding it available for individual purchase on iTunes, I was never able to own it. I'm cheap.

So I asked this record store guy. He searched around nervously in the back room thinking I wanted some rare remixes of it or something. He totally thought he was going to leave me empty-handed. Turns out the only Pet Shop Boys CD he had was the American-edit single of my song, "New York City boy."

So I have a summer anthem. Please don't laugh.


Yancy said...

no laughing here. Pet Shop Boys are awesome.

Mooney said...

That song has such a Village People Vibe. And you could've just asked Mooney. I have everything.