Monday, May 22, 2006


So I like taking close-up pictures of people.

Kristy at Simon's wedding

Valerie at Yankee Stadium

Becca at Yankee Stadium

Jane at Yankee Stadium

Karene dining with us in Little Italy

Chateau escaping the rain on the way to work in Morningside Heights

Me digesting my first falafel as a strange man peers in through the window

Jason waiting for me to finish my falafel


Becca said...

i like my close up the best.

Katie said...

O my gosh Seth! i ate a falafal for the first time like two days ago i really liked them. actually i thought it was amazing. but maybe that was because for one of the first times here in spain i felt like i knew exactly what i was eating. haha. hmmm. hope you liked it and i hope you are enjoying spain i miss you sooooo much!

Seth said...

Yeah for falafels and coincidences!!!