Monday, May 22, 2006

This is how we do it in Morningside Heights

Today I finally got to see stat-buddy Yancy since he got into town. Here he is with former Ed McBand producer Jared Moooney, who happened to fly in today.

Today was nice and relaxing. There was a special musical fireside given by the 5 Browns after church. The 5 Browns were pretty cool. Just your average Mormon piano virtuoso family. I also made calls in the park and had bonding time with some of the other BYU interns here in the I-House.


Tami said...

Hey Seth! Andrew gave me the link to your blog a while back and I had to comment on your current residence. Nate was living at the I-House last time we saw you in New York! I hope you like it there. Your room looks a lot nicer than Nate's was!

(p.s. Did you know Nate and I are getting hitched this summer?!)

Seth said...


So good to hear from you. Yeah, they gave the I-house a makeover. It looks a lot better now. I had no idea Nate used to live here. That's so funny.

Congratulations on getting married. Andrew told me about it. When is the big day? Do you have a blog too? I love your picture! Hope you're doing well!


Tami said...

Yeah, I do have a blog that can be found at or by clicking on my name and following some sort of odd trail through blogger. Check it out! Many more ridiculous animal pictures can be found!

We're getting married at the end of July. We're so excited! I'll be doing great after I am done with my current job and start student teaching this fall after our honeymoon!

Talk to you later!