Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sometimes words are worth more than pictures.

It's been ages since I actually wrote something in this blog. Seems like recently it's just been picture after picture (and struggling to keep up with explaining what's going on in them).

So my summer in New Jersey is quickly coming to a close. I purchased my plane ticket last night for only $112. Go! I leave Friday afternoon, August 26. In these last few days I plan on taking full advantage of what NYC and NJ have to offer.

These past few weeks have been good ones. The office is finishing up in the Trenton/Hamilton area. I've been working with Andrew once again to get through the heat and the laziness that comes at the end of every summer. I'm over 50 sales and still counting.

My friends Aaron and Greg spent a few days in West New York with us. They are pretty much the funnest kids to have crash at your place. Aaron made me a 5 CD sampler of all of his favoritist, wierdest music. I can't wait to listen to it all.

This weekend I explored some new parts of the city with my friend John the photographer. John showed me around Noho and more of the East Village. We also explored his trendy neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn. I LOVE BEING IN BROOKLYN. Everything there is some cultural experience. This weekend it was some Panamanian party in the park.

Not all is fun and games though. The following is taken from a letter I wrote to John:

I did in fact make it home Monday morning, but it wasn't exactly the safest trip. In the subway platform by your house this guy was tripping out (I don't know what he was on) and picking fights with everyone in sight. He whipped me a few times with his shirt. I just walked away, but other guys started fighting him. It got pretty ugly and I was scared, but oh well. Now it's just a great story.
Seriously, this guy had problems. All he would do was moan and growl. He was young too, like 19 probably. Somehow he got his mouth covered in black sut, and he looked like a monster. It was bizarre. The only positive thing was seeing all the rest of the people in the platform come together in common defense. Some dudes knocked him to the ground, but after a while everyone realized it was best to just leave the guy alone. As new people approached, they got a warning to just stay clear. As he'd wander up and down the platform, everyone else would walk to the other end just to avoid him. At one point I got stranded and was stuck at a dead end with everyone else gathered on the other side. I was freaked out because this guy could have tried anything. I was most afraid he'd attempt to push me down into the train tracks. Eventually I escaped and joined the rest. Then finally the train came and the poor druggie left. Weird, weird experience.


It's late, and I gotta go to bed. Before I do though, I'd like to thank my family for making my 24th birthday a great experience. I was truly touched by all the phone calls and thoughtful gifts. If you'll let me brag for a bit about the coolness of my family...the following is a description of the presents I received from the Hills (and Johnsons).

From Simon: a live DVD of Café Tacvba
From Sasha and the Johnsons: a New York City-themed Cranium booster card set
From Mom: some fresh-baked cookies and an awesome toiletries travel pack (I'm a nerd I know, but this is perfect for someone always on the go.)
From Dad: a 2-DVD set containing all my old reel-to-reel baby films and early childhood movies (Dad, I watched it with Andrew and it was great. Well, everything except the embarrassing parts.)

I love my family.


Derek said...

too bad you didn't get any pictures of that

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had a truly succesful summer. I'm so happy for you. Good luck preparing for the new year. I just dropped Samuel off at his first day of 2nd grade.

Seth said...


How was it having that old crazy Aaron around? I cant imagine him in New York City. We used to walk down the street in a little town in Hidalgo and he'd do a really wierd walk and say, what if I walked around all day like this, what would you do? He's great fun. Sounds like you've had a great and successful summer out there. Enjoy the last of it.

Seth said...


Yeah, Aaron is still pretty much the Hidalgo, or New York, or wherever. I didn't get to see him do "the walk" though. I don't think it would have phased the New Yorkers half as much as it did the Hidalguense. Maybe we'll all just have to make a return visit to Mexico.

Bradley L. Hill said...

Good stuff,Son! Call me!