Saturday, August 20, 2005

"The Bathtub"

This morning I got an email from Simon telling me about this.

Back in 2000 Simon took me to this cave. It was easily one of the scariest moments of my life. I remember dipping myself into the freezing water. Simon went through the tunnel first and then tugged the rope behind him to signal for me to come meet him in the inner chamber. I was so nervous. After a few moments I gathered enough courage to go under. I remember scratching my back up pretty bad as I swam through the dark tunnel. Before I knew it I was in a small shiny room with water up to my waist. Simon once again led the way out, and that was that.

Hearing the news today was sad. I can't imagine the horror that night must have been for those kids, but I have a feeling I'll have a nightmare about it tonight. Actually, I think this news is going to stick with me for quite some time.

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Bradley L. Hill said...

Seth, we heard about this on FOX NEWS. I wondered if it was the same cave you and Simon told us about. Poor guys...and their poor families! You never expect to see your children die before you do.