Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Gatekeepers

So if I get home after 12:30am, I have to take a different bus that leaves me on the cliff above my house. It's about a ten minute walk to my apartment. Not a big deal except for this set of wooden staircases you have to go down in a dark section beside a spooky bridge. Once I was walking by with a group of friends and we saw all these silhouettes of people under the bridge probably smoking out. As if that wasn't enough, a family of skunks guards the entrance every night. Tonight I actually took the long way home (an extra 20 minutes) to avoid stinking. Some nights I'm more brave. Dad knows what I'm talking about.


Bradley L. Hill said...

Hey, this looks famliar!

Bradley L. Hill said...

4:44 AM...did you miss the bus again?

Bradley L. Hill said...

In case you haven't read my email, what do you think about entering Marjorie's building in this contest? It would take some effort, but you could use your communicating skills for a good cause.