Friday, August 05, 2005

Happy Birthday to me.

For my birthday all the owners and presidents of Firstline came out from Utah for some summer's end motivation and resigning. For anyone who's ever served an LDS mission, it was a lot like interviews with the president--very necessary but also very time-consuming.

It was actually a nice birthday present. All 40+ guys in the Jersey office got to lounge around the movie room, watch movie clips and powerpoints, and eat pizza while overlooking the New York skyline. Another bonus was not getting on the doors 'til 7:00pm. Somehow it seems more productive to work 2 hours during prime time after the heat dies down than it does working 7 long hours during the sweaty afternoon. I pulled a late night deal with a nice white couple. One of those miraculous "Come-back-when-my-husband-is-here" deals.

After work some of the guys came over and gave me Inca Kola and chocolate cake. It's nice to be sung "Happy Birthday" too--even if you are turning 24. For the curious, that beautiful body standing behind my cake is none other than team member Joe's. He gave me a little show after the song was through.

That was a joke.

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