Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mom: Day 1

This morning I picked up Mom at Port Authority and took her to the Today Show in Rockefeller Center. My mom has been watching the Today Show for over a decade, so it's not like we're just casual fans. In fact, you could even say I was raised on "Today." From my boyhood days I remember watching Katie Couric as a greenie reporter. I also remember the legendary Bryant Gumbel's sad farewell.

Well today a new memory was made as Mom coaxed heartthrob-anchorman Matt Lauer into shaking her hand. Mr. Lauer was conversing with two cute little girls when Mom grabbed his attention and his shaker.

"His hands are so soft!" said Mom.

I had to laugh. It's not every day that you see a grown woman get starstruck.

After the show Mom helped me with some back-to-school shopping. That evening we met up with Emilie and her family to see what all the "Wicked" fuss is about. I must say the musical is phenomenal. I used to think all those Wicked-ites were annoying, but now I understand.

While we were waiting in line before the show, Emilie's sister barely avoided being clobbered in the head by a giant falling phone battery. Apparently it was accidentally knocked down from a higher floor. The house manager rushed down to apologize for the accidental attack and to offer us free drinks during intermission. After our drinks he then kindly escorted us to our own private bathroom. Anything to avoid a lawsuit, I guess. Just think of how much we could have made if Emilie's sister had actually been hurt.

Just kidding.


Bradley L. Hill said...

You guys having fun?

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