Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Memorial Day

For Memorial Day I decided to celebrate by taking another hike through the city.

New York has a lot of contrast. This is a good example.

The Lower East Side has a lot of community gardens. This one is for locals only, but the nice folks inside let me in made me feel at home.

This is garden landscaper Christopher. He invited me back for a neighborhood barbecue later in the afternoon. I took him up on it and was treated to a juicy burger, a big hunk of watermelon, and the opportunity to mingle with a random mix of New Yorkers.

After the garden I took the L train to my old stomping grounds in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, BK. Oh, the memories.

My old crib on Dobbin Street. This was my first house in NYC back when I was a salesman. I went inside to chat with my old landlady and reminisced about the good old times.

This building used to be one of my favorites in the neighborhood. It burnt down last month.

I got trapped in this gated off section. Apparently it's a no trespassing zone, but the gates were open when I walked in and a man was there. So I walked over to the water to take a look. When I walked back to leave, the man was gone and the gate was locked. I ended up having to climb the fence as a nice couple looked on for moral support.

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