Thursday, June 08, 2006


Saturday my good friend Jessica got married in Delaware. Jason and I got a rental car and drove down to celebrate with her and her family. Well. We planned to be there, but we ended up getting to the chapel just as the young couple was driving away--cans clanking and all. It was a tragic moment to say the least. We followed closely behind them in our rental minivan and finally caught up with them at a nearby intersection. Jessica and I exchanged a few words through the windows of our respective vehicles and then waved goodbye.

Next time I try to get a rental car out of the New York City and drive it to a state where there are no street signs, I'm going to give myself three extra hours.

Oh, and by the way, we did not rent a minivan on purpose. It was the only car Alamo had, so they gave it to us at an economy car price. Sweet deal.

After sulking in the back seat for 15 minutes, Jason and I looked through the Delaware guidebook I got from the library and went exploring. We found a cool mansion and a nice little creek.

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