Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hellos and Goodbye

This week Christina got to Ogilvy! There are now 6 BYUers working/interning at the big Og og. In addition, four new creative interns arrived from VCU and MAIP on Monday. Our playpen is almost full. (We lost our high school intern Clarke this week.)


Yancy said...

So I was told today that the whole thing with Christina actually being in NY was just a lie. Well, if so it's a HORRIBLE one!!!

I'm so glad that this picture proves such horrid rumors false.

One day I'll actually see her here. But until then, I guess ichat will have to suffice.

Anonymous said...

haha. little does yancy know seth has great photoshopping skills. j/k. i made it to the blog again! sweet! i hope you feel better so that we can hang out.

Yancy said...

yes, he does have great photshopping skills, but not that good. I have now seen with my own eyes Christina in NY in the flesh.

It was great seeing you tonight babe. Much love. We need to hang out more, and I'm sure we will.