Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Fact & Fiction

Today in my Family Home Evening group we played a game where each member had to write on a piece of paper something interesting that had happened to them. A moderator would then select one event at random, and three individuals would stand up before the group claiming the incident had happened to them. The group had to decide who was telling the truth and who was fibbing. I am proud to say that when I was called up, almost no one believed me.

The incident? Three years ago I was in a bathroom stall at the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. After I was done with my business and was zipping up my fly I turned around to discover a pair of eyes staring up at me from the neighboring stall. A sad, little man was crouched down near to the floor and poking his head up into my stall from below the divider. Pervert.

Sadly this story is true. It reminded me, however, of many rumors I've heard recently that sound like they might be true but are in fact false. (You can thank me for doing the research later.)

Here we go.

Myth #1: Hot Topic is owned by Gap.

This one is so far-fetched that it seems believable. I'm sure the cynic in us all would like to believe it. However, after hours of research on the part of Chateau and I, we are proud to declare that this rumor is indeed false. Don't believe the message boards.

Myth #2: Mexico City is the most populous city in the world.

I'd really like to believe this one because I lived there. All through the mission I'd heard that I was living in the biggest city there is. I don't know where this rumor started, but it too is false. Of course, the definition of "biggest city" is hard to pinpoint, but no official source will ever tell you Mexico DF is the winner. Here is Factmonster's opinion.

Myth #3: Myspace is the 3rd most visited website in the English language.

This one is actually the closest to being true.

Here is the top ten:

1. yahoo.com
2. msn.com
3. google.com
4. ebay.com
5. passport.net
6. amazon.com
7. myspace.com
8. microsoft.com
9. google.com.uk
10. aol.com

Myspace has taken Friendster's idea and perfected it. While I fear it may soon go the way of the Chia pet, you have to admit #7 is pretty good for now. For the complete website popularity listing, click here.

Myth #4: My extended family has a history chewing coca leaves in the Andes mountains.

This one I can't disprove.

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barrymoses said...

Well Seth, as you know I check in from time to time and tried to back you up on Mexico City being the world's most populous city. Unfortunately, I failed. You are of course correct with your definition or city population, but I managed to rank Mexico City higher than you originally stated using a valid, international measure. The United Nations ranks urban centers according to "agglomerations" (akin to metropoplitan areas), without regard to actual city limits or boundaries. Using this model, Tokyo ranks first in the world with roughly 35 million people, and Mexico City comes in second with about 22 million people. Viva Mexico!