Wednesday, January 25, 2006

She's Scrumptrulescent!!!

Of my high school friends from Grossmont, most are now working full time or still going to school like me.

Then there's Tiffany. She's the one touring the Western U.S. in her passenger car and playing shows on her keyboard. Tiffany would always tease me growing up about my Mormon ways. While I know she meant it with all the love in her heart, I couldn't help but laugh when I heard she was coming to Salt Lake City to play this past week.

I gathered up some friends, and we headed up to the SLC Hard Rock to see "Tiff Jimber." (Love the name change.) I must say I was extremely impressed with her set. Check her out at


Anonymous said...

i am listening to your song "squirrels" right now (huzzah for network sharing). i must say, i'm proud of your music trivia knowledge. you should have been at alison's when we were playing Music Scene It. we would have made an unstoppable trio.

my favorite sethhill lyric: ""


Anonymous said...

that's gotta be one of my favorite lyrics too.