Wednesday, January 25, 2006

When is Utah hipper than NYC?

In January, of course! It's Sundance time again. On Saturday Adrienne, Christina, Chateau, and I headed up to Park City to take part in the snubbery. We made it into the Star Bar on Main Street to see Imogen Heap and Rufus Wainwright. I only had to pay $1 toward our cover. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Imogen was definitely a surprise treat for us. We all knew she had an amazing voice, but I don't think we were ready for her unique performing style. She is a true example of a one woman band. Imagine this. She pushes all the buttons, she sets all the levels, she sings, she records, she loops, she layers. All live right there live in concert. It was amazingly intimate for such synthetic music.

Rufus was great too. I respect any artist that can lug a grand piano around with them and still bust out on a guitar for half their set. Both Rufus and Imogen have found success in the soundtrack market. Collectively they've had songs in The Garden State, Chronicles of Narnia, Shrek, and Brokeback Mountain. Pretty impressive repertoire.

Alison met us there. She makes such a good head tilter, don't you think?

After the show we joined in on a historic flash mob. Some kids we know organized a mass gathering on Main Street. We all met up and distributed fake flyers exposing the "reality" that Brokeback Mountain is really about some tennis star, not cowboys. Something like that; I'm not quite sure. The flyer had all these preposterous statements concluding that it was true simply because the claims had never been refuted. It was hilarious to see people's reaction to the mess. After the distribution, one of the leaders got on a megaphone and delivered a less than inspiring sermon on being Ang Lee's nephew. (Even though he's not.) Passerbys would stop and look as they spotted our huge crowd. Everyone is looking for celebrities during the Sundance Film Festival. To finish it all off, we each recieved tennis balls which we were instructed to simultaneously throw into the street as a final statement. There were 300 thrown in total.

I really don't know what the statement was, but it was a really fun one.


Yancy said...
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Yancy said...

so let me just say that Christina is way hott, and Alison IS a great head tilter

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