Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Show 'n' tell

I got a new cell phone. It's black. It's got my same old number. It's T-Mobile. I like it.

I got paid. All in ones. I don't know why. Money is fun!

I got the new 5.1 re-release of "The Soft Bulletin." It's loud! It's by Flaming Lips. This is my most favorite album of all time. Music is good. Just like puppies. I like puppies.


Becca said...

I saw Dallas ruffling through all those dollar bills yesterday in graphic design and didn't know why anyone would be carrying that around.

Bethany said...

Your phone looks like mine. Except for black, and with a camera. So you switched to T-Mobile?

Seth said...'s you and me baby. T-Mizoblee!! (Oh, and my mom has it too.)