Monday, February 06, 2006

Best of Game

OK. I just got done seeing every one of the Super Bowl ads aired yesterday, and I've made up my mind. My vote for top ad is Sierra Mist's "Airport Security." Strong concept. Strong acting. Funny as TV gets.

What was your favorite Super Bowl ad?


Anonymous said...

I watched 3 news channel's review of the Super bowl commercials and none of them mentioned the Sierra Mist one! Of the ones I saw, "magic refridgerator" was my favorit.

Anonymous said...

c'mon seth, michael ian black is so 2004.

but really, i was not impressed with any of them. oh wait, there was this one spot, something with soccer and jurassic 5, for adidas i think?


Derek said...

I liked the FedEx one with the cavemen but the Sierra Mist in the airport was a close #2.

Hanner said...

remember how I said I'd give you a shout out on my blog? I haven't yet.

Thirdmango said...

Though the Fed Ex should win, I have to give it up to the disturbing nature of the Hummer commercial.