Friday, February 03, 2006

Family Ties

I was checking out a book to a girl in the library. After swiping her card I noticed her last name on my computer screen.


Lunt is my grandma's maiden name.

"Are your ancestors from the Mormon colonies in Mexico?" I ask her.

"Yeah." she says.

"Is Henry Lunt in your family tree?" I inquire.

"Yes!" she shouts. "Which wife are you through?"

So it turns out we've got different great-great-grandmas, but we are in fact cousins. And such is life at Brigham Young University. Everyone is family, be it fraternally or biologically. Then sometimes both.

"So, have you read Henry's big, beige biography?"

"No, you?"


It's so totally obvious that we are related.


Bradley L. Hill said...

I've got that tome for you, whenever you're ready!

Bradley Lunt Hill

Anonymous said...

What? You haven't read it (JK)
Scott and I read it around the time our family went down to the colonies. A few years later our Stake President quoted the first page in a talk at Stake conference. Turns out my Stake President is related to us also! Have a great week. I hope your performance went well tonight!

Anonymous said...

Its always a good idea to compare pedigree charts before marrying a girl you meet at BYU---unless she's a convert and you're born in the church... then you might be fine!

My family has all married converts since my family dates back to the 1830's in the church... Everyone is my cousin.