Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Pinch me.

So I had the strangest dream.

It all started with this traffic cone mobile that I had to make for design class. It was supposed to be a several week project, but for some reason I had to do it all in one day. I have no idea why.

Once that was all taken care of, these strange glam rockers started screaming absurdities at me along with half of the creative track.

The next thing I knew, two crazy blondes kidnapped me and drove me all the way to California.

Upon arrival, I was instantly taken to my grandparents house to celebrate my aunt's birthday.

While there I discovered that my aunt had an affinity for fine fragrances...

...that I had a new cousin named Alex...

...that my kid cousins were on their way to becoming pro skateboarders...

...and that llamas were also present at Jesus' birth.

Then I was transported to San Diego's finest mall: Horton Plaza.

My best friend in high school Bethany was there, and she helped me pick out some Christmas gifts for my family.

Later Erica appeared in the Gaslamp to give me the "super bird."

Latin hip-hop group Ozomatli joined in the fun.

Before my ears could stop ringing, Dad started telling us the Christmas story.

Samuel started thinking he was Samuel the Lamanite, prophesying of Christ's birth.

And Scott read us a bedtime Christmas story.

Once the nephews went to bed, Sasha and Scott broke the news to me that Santa Claus is a phony. After the tears, they had the audacity to ask me to help them be Santa. We stayed up very late making a trampoline.

For some reason Christmas was in Escondido.

Then we had Christmas again in La Mesa.

Just when I thought my dream couldn't get any longer, all these old high school friends started filing into my house to visit. I was sick on the floor in pain, but they wouldn't leave.

Finally I pinched myself and realized it wasn't a dream at all. Life would be like this always if school didn't get in the way.


Derek said...

Horton Plaza, gaslamps, that sunset picture... and an awesome looking family. Looks great down there. Happy new year.

Anonymous said...

On second thought, technically you could have recieved the bug from us...I forgot about our Dec 20th lunch. I hope you get over it quickly. If you truly did get what we had it lasted for 2 weeks...a couple days in bed...and then lingering congestion for another 2 weeks. Gee, I hope you have something else! I thought for sure we were past the contagious part! Great blog...

Chateau said...

Hey so this is the life of Seth, the San Diegonite. Hey I updated my blog!!!! Comment!!!!!

alison f said...

you forgot the part where you got married.

Sir James Affleck said...

Llamas? I always had a hunch. That's a killer traffic cone by the way. Kudos to you (chocolate covered granola bars, not praise).

Th. said...


It means the stock market is about to crash. Sell! sell! sell!