Friday, December 02, 2005

On a Thursday in December

Today I wore business casual.
Today I presented to executives.
Today I was trained by an HR guy who gave me a pickle.
Today I won a lamp.
Today I swiped and scanned for six hours.
Today I found the Johnny Cash family scrapbook.
Today I helped other people find exactly what they wanted.
Today I was visited by two former roommates.
Today I told 44 kids what they need to do to be able to study advertising.
Today I gave Vivaldi a Santa hat.
Today I ate trail mix for dinner.
Today I listened to 92 songs.
Today I rocked out with my drummer.
Today I had a headache.
Today I thought about a girl.
Today I wrote to you.


Anonymous said...

well done, as usual

Unki said...

But, did you do them all at the same time??

Tolkien Boy said...

He CAN do them all at the same time. I've seen him.

Unki said...

But how is he able to do them all simultaneously? I mean, I know that Seth is amazingly talented, but when I tried to do all these things at the same time I failed miserably. I could swipe and scan for only 3 hours, listen to just 78 songs, and didn't present to a single executive. How does he do it? I suppose Seth is just a trained professional, and amateurs like me shouldn't try this at home without adult supervision.

Becca said...

i'm going to copy this sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Who's the drummer?