Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Puppy love

Have you ever been attacked by love?

I'm not talking about love from a boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse. I'm talking about being bombarded with furry, slobbery, doggy affection.

Back in Mexico there was this family of street dogs that would pin me down with sloppy hugs and kisses whenever I came to visit. I seriously loved it.

Today I had another one of those moments. I sold a system to Colombian lady named Maritza. Sassy, sassy woman--that Maritza. This is a picture of her dog Blacky and his puppy friend. Usually big dogs like these are mean and bark at you. Instead these guys charge you with a clobbering hug.

Then proceeds an intense make-out session that only ends once Maritza pulls them away.

MORAL OF THE STORY: For anyone in need of a little touch and affection (or a lot), just come to Passaic, NJ. I'll show you where Blacky lives.

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