Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Eva and Elmer

Today was another frustrating day in Passaic. Apparently Ana tried to cancel her system. That came as quite an unexpected disppointment. Later on at night I ended up kinda getting sale, but I have to wait for the credit card holder to get back from the Dominican Republic before it can go through. We'll see how it goes on Friday. At least I got to watch a Mexican telenovela with the family though. That's always fun.

Or depressing.

The highlight of my day was meeting the couple you see pictured above. They are from Lima, Peru. I knocked on their door, and they sat me down very quickly and with a lot of concern on their faces. Apparently they had had several issues/problems with ADT and were unsure about how to fix them. Now it was hot (and I didn't feel like working) so I volunteered to help them through ADT's call center maze. After about an hour of explanations and transfers, I finally got them out of their ADT contract. It wasn't free for them though. Let me tell you that much.

After I cancelled their account they were beside themselves with joy. They fed me dinner and gave me a 3D picture of Machu Picchu. Everything I said was "Que Lindo." Once it came out that I'm Mormon they got really excited. Apparently they used to be good friends with the missionaries and were hearing the discussions. They told me that they felt something special when I knocked on their door that told them I was LDS. Crazy, huh? I'm gonna give their info to the current missionaries to see what happens.

It's funny really. I show up trying to sell a family ADT...and I walk away two hours later after canceling their account, spending their money, and eaten their food. AND THEY LOVE ME FOR IT. To top it all off, they were so happy that they congratulated Mom and Dad for having raised me so well.

So, um. Mom. Dad.

Good job.


Tolkien Boy said...

Wow. You Peruvians have to stick together, I guess. Isn't it great when you get fed doing the right thing?

Bradley L. Hill said...

Son, God sent you to us that way. We just tried to help you see yourself through His eyes. We are so pleased with you!