Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I heart public libraries.

After a frustrating first two hours of work, I am seeking refuge now in the Passaic Public Library. (Don't tell Corey.) You can't beat air-conditioning and free internet. Sometimes taking a break can calm you down and make you more effective during prime-time hours (6-9pm). Let's hope so anyway.

So this past weeked was probably the best yet here in the city. My friend Zeke came out from Washington to look at some schools he's thinking of going to in Staten and Brooklyn. Since he had gotten a hotel in Midtown, I was able to crash at his place a few nights and fulfil my dream of finally feeling like a real New Yorker. Highlights of our adventure included checking out the top of the Empire State Building and going clubbing at the Roxy.

As for right now, I'd better go hit the heat and get a sale. I'm so lazy.

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Tolkien Boy said...

Who DOESN'T love public libraries? How was clubbing?