Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quitting before the sun does

As I was leaving work today, I realized that it was still light enough--and warm enough--to go exploring. (Thank you Spring.) So, given the circumstances, I did what any sensible human being would do. I walked right past my usual subway portal and straight down into Tribeca for some good old-fashioned urban exploration.

Highlights of my journey included:

Joanne Hendricks Cookbooks--a tiny bookstore in an old colonial house, books about food only

Johnson Trading Gallery--currently showing the work of architect Mario Dal Fabbro

Greenwich Street--a dream for any fan of vintage Manhattan

Barnes & Noble--where foreign affairs expert Samantha Power was speaking about her latest book (She's the one who recently called Hillary Clinton a "monster" and got kicked off of Obama's team.)

"Survivor Staircase" at Ground Zero--A vital piece of WTC history. It's been moved from it's original location to a new home at the end of Greenwich Street.

Alexander Hamilton's grave--my favorite plot of land in all NYC


Bradley L. Hill said...

How fun!

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