Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just an old building in New York

On the left is Joanne Hendricks Cookbooks. It's located in an amazing old 2-story building on Greenwich Street. The lady in the store told me there is nothing special about the building's history. But I think just about anything that old surviving in Manhattan is special.

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Garth said...

I'd agree with you there, Seth. A lot of the old building have quite a history, and surviving New York is an accomplishment.

Many of the buildings we walk past daily usually have a history that's been covered up by new tenants and industries, but looking into them they have quite a history.

I did some research on buildings down in Newspaper Row, and most those buildings that helped form and establish the newspaper industry have been refaced by a cell phone store, gift shop, etc.

New York is more unique than meets the eye.