Friday, February 08, 2008

My Man Mitt

He may not be headed to the White House, but to me Mitt Romney is still a success.

He will forever go down as the man who inspired me to take a deeper interest in political issues--and to have more genuine concern about the future of our country.

Watching the CPAC today, I was as sad as the next Mitt fan to see him go. The way he did it, though, couldn't have been classier. He really took the high road by putting his party ahead of his own self-interests. This shows what a man of vision Mitt truly is.

And as for the speech--it was probably one of the most inspired and authentic moments of his campaign. I partially attribute this to the fact that, perhaps for the first time, he told his audience exactly what they didn't want to hear.

As Mitt learns from his mistakes and finds his voice in the coming years, I am confident Americans will gain a new appreciation for him.

We've not seen the end of Mitt Romney.


Anonymous said...

I, too, was so sad to see it all end today. I thought he'd give it another week. He is so good, so intelligent, so presidential. Why the country doesn't see this is beyond me. I don't understand how this all happened. But maybe he'll try in 2012 and be poised to succeed by then. It's been fun to watch--I've followed it closely. He's the first candidate I ever donated $ to! Go Mitt!
--Ryan of Tville UT

Bradley L. Hill said...

2012 has been predicted by sages for centuries to be a cataclysmic year. Some theologians today calculate it to be the year of the Second Coming. It all adds to the drama! Be assured that, regardless, God's hand is in it. He knows the end from tht beginning.
As for Governor Romney,
thank you and God bless you.

Bradley L. Hill said...

the, not tht