Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hold the press

If there is one thing my degree in communications taught me, it is to recognize bias in the media. Everywhere I look I see news sources either endorsing John McCain or painting a picture of him as the clear front runner in the race for the GOP nomination.

The truth is that before Florida, Mitt Romney was leading in the delegate count. What did most media outlets do? They declared that McCain was in the lead because he had won in states that were more vigorously contested. When Mitt took Nevada in a landslide win, they disregarded it because no one else (besides Ron Paul) had campaigned there. Now, I understand that head-to-head campaigning certainly scores high in newsworthiness. But how about the fact that McCain, Giuliani, and Huckabee all stayed clear of Nevada because they knew they didn't stand a chance against Mitt? Where were the media then? They were too busy talking about McCain's win in South Carolina.

And then came Florida--a McCain win I feel was largely created by the false perception that the man was already in the lead. And where did people get that idea? From a liberal press doing whatever it takes to keep a real conservative out of the White House.

With that said, I'm providing some links here below to some great articles written in support of Mitt. You have to dig harder to find this stuff, but it's worth it.

Rally for Romney by Mark Levin

A Call to Conservative Action by Vin Weber

Why I Am Endorsing Romney Now - Obama A Strong Second Choice by Dan Riehl

The fat lady won't sing on Super Tuesday by David Sparks

This pretty much sums up what I dislike about McCain. John McCain Hates Me by Michael Reagan

And here's a good analysis of the GOP situation going into Super Tuesday. Intransigent Huck Voters by Hugh Hewitt

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Bradley L. Hill said...

Conservative radio has LARGELY come out in favor of MR. In fact, the big names address a possible squeeze play by Mr. Huckabee in a bid for the vice-presidency. Do ya' think?

Good call on the media. They would prefer a moderate ("RINO?).I respect Senator McCain very much, but he is ill-advised on several issues.