Monday, April 30, 2007

Abbey Road, 2004-2007

Yesterday I left my coveted Abbey Road poster in a bathroom at LaGuardia Airport. It was devastating.

The Beatles and I have been through so much together over the past few years--from apartment to storage unit to apartment again and again and again. I remember the time we had to hold the poster in our hands out a car window because it wouldn't fit inside. I remember retrieving it from the side of the road when it flew away. I remember my poor nephews holding it up over their heads in a van so it wouldn't crush them. And, of course, I remember the thousands of times the foursome greeted me at the bottom of the stairs in The Colony.

Earlier this year I finally got around to stripping the cardboard backing off, peeling off all the tape, and rolling it up so I could take it to New York. So excited was I to hang the masterpiece up in my new Harlem bedroom.

But after making it all the way across the United States my poster has found a new owner. In the time it took me to get a gate pass and make it through an extra round of security it had already been lifted.

To me the event was more tragic than I'd like to admit, but I take comfort in knowing that I have shared the magic of the Beatles with another fan. Maybe this is what John meant when he wrote "Come Together."


Jér said...

I hate that feeling. Knowing you've lost something important, lost it for good, is the worst feeling in the world.

Plus, it was the Beatles' Abbey Road poster! I'm really sorry, man.

On another topic—when you came into the library a month or so ago, did you tell me you were moving to New York? Because I don't remember that. I'm jealous. It looks like I'll be out here in Utah for at least the next four years. I may explode.

tom said...

wow. that is devastating.
i hate the empty feeling when it sinks in that it's all true.


p.s. i stole one of your posts. don't get mad at me, please.

Eddie said...

Seth. Thank you for sharing some of your special "Abbey Road" poster moments. I was driving the car when you held the poster out the window as we drove from Springville to Provo, then it doubled over, etc...
Good times. We're excited for you to be in NYC. Way to get out of Provo!